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Before Leptin
Height : 148cm
Weight : 60kg
Waist : 33inch
hips : 41inch
thigh left : 23.5inch
thigh right : 23inch


After Leptin
Height : 148cm
Weight : 54kg
Waist : 28-27inch
hips : 36inch
thigh left : 21inch
thigh right : 20.5inch

Feedback :

Started to console leptin since last year november.. total i had lost down 6kgs with 3 boxes.
3 years ago after deliver my daughter, my weight was 60kgs after 6months i have a very bad over weight cases happen.My weight suddenly increase into 7kgs. Doctor told me im having hormon in balance @@ so i need to tried to balance back my hormon. I went to Mayfair slimming center for about 3 months and im doing the slimming program almost costing me 2k++ Honestly i had lost up about 7 kgs after the program but since my financial having some problem i had to discontinue the slimming program. Started from that my weight never increase or even go down also... 2 years later after i found out leptin green coffee, i had started to console 1 box.. it's already help me to lost 2kgs. After that i continue to bought 2 more boxes.. And now, it's miracle... my weight are drop from 60kg to 54kgs now.. My target is 45kg actually smile.gif but if can slim till 50kgs are already very nice
Leptin Green Coffee Product are Very effective... And the coffee taste are good too happy.

chubbydevil22,Aug 24 2010, 06:58
PMhihi~ ^^ i've jus consume d coffee + plum for 2 days.. (stilla short period) =P
i sumtimes suffer frm constipation~ bt well, d plum sure keep me busy visiting to the toilet~~ XD  in a gud way though, no diarrhea at all~ ^^
d coffee taste nice too!!! i tried before other slimming coffee bt they taste awful~ i cudnt continue consumin after 2 days... haha.. i reli hope leptin works on me... but is it necesary to cut down my meals? as d sungkai buffet is on-going.. its soooo hard to resists... >.<

june_c21,Aug 15 2010, 11:32 AM
Hi Dearie,

i want to share my leptin experience with all of you.
I bought 2 box from this seller and start drinking it . At first week , i manage to lost 4kg and then i stop taking it . want to see can gain back or not . hehe. funny me .....
to my surprise , i din gain back my weight and manage to maintain it for 2 weeks . then i continue to take back cause i haven't achieve my goal yet , now i on 3nd day of leptin , i lose 4kg d( not include previous 4kg) . so total is 8kg d . i so happy.
during the intake of leptin , i don't feel much hungry and eat a lot . i do take my breakfast , lunch but i skip my dinner cause i sleep very early nowadays and don't feel hungry . if i feel hungry during nite time , i will take bread instead.
the result of leptin is good and if those that wan to lose weight fast i do recommend you to take .....
it doesn't require me to go toilet often.... i just feel normal .. i don't face any problem at all after taking leptin .

now i order antoher 3 box from her , will pay her next month .... :)
my target weight is 45kg.....

babysiew,Dec 1 2010, 11:02 AMReceived my items. Good condition and reasonable price. Thanks classbeauty.
p/s: thanks for the free gifts too. :D

walauhi,Nov 16 2010, 02:09 PM
i receive my item oledi ya...fast service and hope it will effect...thx


chrismackenzie,Nov 19 2010, 02:03 PM
received my package liao :)
very nice, fast response sellers.
will definitely get from you again :)
thanks dears!


sugar8,Nov 1 2010, 10:46 AM
Hi there,
Happy with yr services & thks for the sample sachets, appreciated.
Leptin coffee got stock now ?
Pm ya. Thks!


ShuBaby,Sep 24 2010, 11:11 AM
Very very efficient seller! Two thumbs up!! :) And the price is very reasonable. Will buy from you again after finishing these. Thanks a lot yea!

luvdyla,Sep 2 2010, 09:19 PM
hi dear..
received the item yesterday..
thank u very much for free goodies and all the advise..   :respect:   :thumbs:
will update to u the before and after effects k..huhu   :D

chubbydevil22,Aug 17 2010, 10:24 PMhihi dear~ ^^ parcel arrived in miri, bt i haven get to see it~ hehe, will get it soon, and then try it, ^^ hope it works on me... ^^ thanxxx a lot for ur efficiency~ hehehehe ^^


jenann,Aug 17 2010, 05:23 PM
hi babe, i've received my parcel today..thanks for the free gifts =)) Efficient and recommended seller !!

zidyana,May 25 2010
hi....still remember me?...do u have any promotion currently?...after consuming the leptin..i didnt lose much kgs...but my jeans's size drop to 28 from 29....and now i stop for a while..and have a half box of cocoa and half box of coffee....if u got promotion i'll order from u for future use

这位顾客很成功的在一盒咖啡下瘦了10kg。而且不需要任何节食nanataros,May 19 2010
Hi, just wanted to update and share my journey to weight loss with Leptin Coffee.. i'm on my 2nd box of Leptin now and since the day i started, i've lost 10 kg up to now i am so happy.. long way to go to achieve my target weight, hehe.. for those who wanted to do proper dieting, do not skip meals.. and breakfast is very important to avoid your body from being in the 'HUNGRY' mode all the time.. just remember to reduce your carbohydrate & sugar intake.. Leptin Coffee really can help..

lingzy,Apr 13 2010,
Hi,Thanks for your PM and follow up.
I've checked with my cousin sister and she's feeling good. She has high hopes with GC.
She told me she's cutting a lot on her food consumption and junk food.
Cutting the down on the food and yet not feeling hungry.
She lost a total of 3kg since April! She's 72kg now.

Taurusgal83,Apr 10 2010
Im here to share my experience of consuming leptin coffee. The first 14 days of consuming, I manage to reduce weight about 4 kg. Today is my 24th days of consumption, the total weight loss is 5kg. I think after the 14 days, my body started to readjust to the current condition. Hopefully on my 32 days of comsuption, I can reduce another 2 kg.
Oh ya, by the way my actual weight is 81kg. Now is 76kg. So will continue taking leptin coffee until I manage to reduce my weight to 55kg. Long way to go, but I trust leptin coffee can help me to achieve the goal.
Leptin coffee has help me to reduce my desire of food. Last time I eat 3 meals a day, i still feel hungry and take snacks. Now I only eat breakfast and im full til I sleep at nite. Classybeauty has advice me to take 3 light meals a day at least but I tend to forget finding food to eat during my lunch and dinner. I know bad for health, so will try to remember taking my lunch at least from now on.
Has suggest my fren n siblings to take leptin as well. They feel there are changes on them as well. So, feel good about it and hopefully all of us can reduce weight successfully..
Thanks for caring on my progress and she is definitely a good seller~

nanataros,Apr 9 2010
hi dear, just want to share with u on my experience consuming leptin coffee.. today would be my 5th day drinking leptin and i've lost 3 kg oredi.. but i also on low atkins low carbs diet so maybe that also contribute to the weight loss.. and i didn't exercise coz no time.. hehehe.. on my first day of drinking leptin, i noticed i sweat a lot & my heart beats faster (like when we nervous).. but i drink a lot of water.. so the day after that until today i'm ok.. leptin also reduce my 'nafsu makan'.. i hope i can continue to drop more kg with leptin to achieve my target

win.yeoh,Apr 8 2010
Hi babe,
I would like to thank you for helping me with all the questions I have and being so patient with me.
It was really nice to deal with you. I hope that this product can help me achieve my desired weight.
I've told my colleagues about this and they will buy if it's good, so I gotta try for a while first and let them know
Will definitely recommend you to other people and I hope to deal with you again!!

StrawberryGirL,Apr 8 2010
dear.... i'm back for my result ^^ guess what... my weight now is 50kg le
now my waist are 27 inch and butt 35 inch
last week i when back to mayfair and complete finish my slimming program with them that i had already stop for 1 year didn't go back to them already. when my beauty consultant saw me she was so surprise coz i had lost so many kgs   there even give me see my previous result last year from 67kgs and my body measurement too. And then, ofcoz there ask me to buy their firming package again lo since i had lost my weight already ma. they said eventhough i had lost my kgs, but i still need firming to makes my body looks more perfect, ya i know about that too But u know la..the price was really gonna kill me when my consultant told me about the package price nearly split out my drink while there told me about it.  hahaha... i guess i would not continue, since the price i really can't able to afford anymore. I will continue with leptin ^^  my target is 46kg ma.. still need more 6kgs. But i maybe will stop for temporary 1st. i still have 3 more green tea haven't finish 

StrawberryGirL,Mar 5 2010
DEAR... i received the parcel already with super B condition
thanks for the gift too and btw, ur product are really from USA
Oh ya, forget to ask u ya.. if coming period can i still can drink the green tea ? or same like the green coffee.. can't console it while having period ? pls advise ya

lingzy,Mar 17 2010
I got all the boxes today.
And many thanks for the free items!
I appreciate your effort in making this happen and ensuring I receive it today.

candaceteo,Mar 3 2010
Hi, just want to share my experience dealing with classybeauty. She is a very very friendly seller. Explain the product for me very details. Thumb up. Ordering some product from her. Good service!

这位顾客在服食一盒咖啡后和每天sit up3分钟,成功瘦了3kg++
kylcws,Mar 23 2010
hi,i'm kaki survey.i'm want to ask the best price for 2 boxes/3 boxes coffee.
i ever drink this coffee before it work.I lose about 3kg++for 1 box + excercise morning(sit up)3 minute,
(holahop)3 minute.ha.ha.

yted,Mar 25 2010
hi there... received my 2 boxes yesterday in good order.... great seller, fast shipping!

Taurusgal83,Mar 29 2010
I have receive my 2 boxes of leptin green coffee. Thanks for the gift~ U are indeed a good n efficient seller..  I have recommend my fren  to buy from you soon. Will contact you by then.

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